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About Container bag

* Container bag is a flexible packing container characterized with dust proof, damp proof, radiation resistance and safety and security.

* It is strong enough in terms of structure, and is marked with convenient filling and discharge. It is
fit formachine-dominated loading and unloading.

* Widely used in chemical industry, cement packing, corns packing, mine products packing, etc.

* Load capacity: 0.5-3T; capacity: 500-2300L; safety index can be designed in 3:1, 5:1 pr 6:1 subject
tothe users specific requirements.

* Cylindrical shape or square shape; single opening and upper and lower opening, fit for one-time
useand recycling

* Damp-proof container bags are made of PE liner bag or film-coating materials

* Bags can be printed with company name, product name and other marks subject to the user's


1 . Filling
Have he bag opening engaged with the discharge port and tightened to avoid leaking of powder or grains. Usually, the bag needs to be suspended in filling with a support tray beneath for carrying it
away after filling. Pull the bag straight before filling. If the bag has a discharge opening, make sure
the opening is tightened.

2 . Hoisting and transportation
Forklift, hoister or crane can be used for handling the bags subject to their types. The forklift shall be adjusted to the appropriate position for handling the bags with the bags in full contact with the forklift without tilting forward.

3 . Unloading
Have the forklift or crane point towards the bag for lifting. Untie the discharge opening. Break the discharge opening if the bag is intended for one-time use. No person shall stand under tbe bags in operation.

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